The Chalk Artist


Dan Ondra’s Mixed Media System

Dan Ondra’s early days as an artist took him to thousands of people in the US, Canada and Europe. Groups of all kinds enjoyed his live presentations where his chalk art paintings ‘came alive’ after completion. Dan’s mixed media presentations included original audio soundtracks with music and voice-over. Each painting was choreographed with several hidden pictures; revealed by ultraviolet light, computer controlled slide projectors, polarized color animation, lasers, video projection, fog, strobes and real fire.

Dan taught chalk art painting at national conferences, colleges, universities and his own hosted schools. He also privately tutored artists each week as his schedule allowed. He published the Chalk Art News and authored several books on the unique challenges of chalk art presentations including Fine Art Painting with Chalk, The Chalk Art Workbooks, The Easel and The Open Door.

Commercial Development Consultant

Before his health failed, Dan’s artwork and media development caught the attention of industries and businesses in North America. His development work included a fortune 500 company, international pharmaceutical distributor, NASCAR, Disney, a US sub committee, FBI and police training, technology service providers offering Voice & Internet services, attorneys,  state wide crisis support sites and radio broadcasters.

Dan OndraDan Ondra has been stricken with Diabetic amyotrophy, a permanently disabling illness that is distinct from other forms of diabetic neuropathy. It is characterized by weakness followed by wasting of muscles with excruciating pain in the muscles. Dan is a homebound and paraplegic. He requires special braces or assistance to stand or walk short distances. He also suffers from TIA’s and aphasia.

Chalk Artist Reviews

“Thank You!” to Mr. Ondra for sharing his talents and creativity with us all in providing the Chalk Art News each month. I have been a self-taught chalk artist since I was young and first saw an evangelist at our church perform a “chalk-talk”, I’m sure I don’t have to describe what that did for me as a young artist who wanted to use her talents for the Lord! All these years have passed and now, in my 50’s I find you and the “Chalk Art News”, what a blessing! So much information has come my way, especially where to find BIG chalk! Thank you all for providing us with what is new and exceiting in the chalk world and encouraging us to keep going! It is wonderful to know that so many of us are out there-praise the Lord for your work.

-Ginger Freeman, OKC, OK

RodSnowI first met Dan in a Ding Teuling Chalk Art Class many years ago in Muskegon, Michigan. He was someone you don’t forget-(In a good way!) He stood out with his drawing style and use of bright colors. He always would approach a challenge giving 110% His love for the Lord comes through full force. He is always willing to share and help others. I truely believe he would give you the shirt off his back-even if he didn’t know you very well. I always enjoy Dan’s sense of Humor which we would often play off of each other. His mind was always going 100mph. He’s the only man I know that has to drink “Mountain Dew” to settle him down. I also believe if he ever got on “Jeopardy” I think he’d do very well-pick a subject and Dan knows something about it! He is always coming up with gadgets in his easel like fireworks from his lighthood or a flashing light from a light house or streaks of lightning in his pictures. In my own mind I always called him “The James Bond of Chalk Art…007” or perhaps “Professor Gadget of Chalk Art”.
Dan has always been a true friend and comrade in the field of Chalk Art. Most recently has help me in putting together my web-site even when his own schedule was full. A Great Man in the Lord and a True Friend-Thanks for all you’ve done to help promote the Artistry of “CHALK ART”. God Bless You!

Rod Snow
“Chalk for Christ”

I had the privilege of meeting Dan Ondra in 1997 at Ding’s class. He has soooo much energy and encouragement for chalk artist.. I still have many Chalk Art News from the 90’s and love looking back. He did all of this before computers.. I know when I call Dan or email him, he has answers that same day. What a guy and a child of the KING.

Ruth Talbott

Thank you for the opportunity to commend Dan Ondra for the blessing he has been to so many individuals within the chalk art ministry. Please note the following message with regards to Dan Ondra and his ministry.

I first met Brother Ondra at a chalk art conference held in Bear, Delaware over 10 years ago. This conference was where I first learned many of the techniques and skills of being an effective chalk artist. I was new to the ministry of chalk art and I had never even picked up a piece of lecturer’s chalk before. Brother Ondra’s enthusiastic and encouraging way of teaching students was a great blessing to me. I praise the Lord for the opportunity to be in several of the classes that Dan Ondra conducted that week many years ago. I believe that God has made me a more effective Pastor and Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because of the skills and techniques that I learned from Dan Ondra. Thank you Brother Ondra for helping me get my first start in the ministry of chalk art. I continue to use this ministry today for the glory of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Tim Schieber
Calvary Baptist Church, New Jersey

Dan Ondra has been a blessing to me. When I first got interested in chalk art I went to his website and studied the information he had online to help chalk artists. I obtained his chalk art workbook and he graciously also sent me his CD of chalk art ideas. He was an encouragement to me in the correspondence I had with him and I still treasure the copies I have of his chalk art newsletter. I never had the opportunity to meet with him or attend any training by him but he has had an influence in my life as a chalk artist.

Sincerely, Jay Johnson

Dan Ondra has been more than just a friend and mentor through the years, he has inspired thousands. To this day after 20 years of having Dan come to our church to do his chalk art, people are still displaying his works in their homes and his messages in their lives. Dan will never know how much of an impact and how much God has used him until the day he steps on the streets of Glory. I for one will have to say that Dan is not only my best friend but one of the best ministers I have even known. Dan has motivated, inspired, influenced and was literally a life line to me when no one else would even give me the time of day. I am so grateful and honored to have Dan as my brother and best friend in Christ. I have never known anyone who reminded me of Christ as much as Dan has and does to this day. He truly has a heart for God and for people. Thank you for allowing me to tell everyone what a blessing it has been, it is, and I pray for years to come, will be to have Dan in our lives. His ministry truly lives on and on through all he has touched. Never have I known a man to give and give so much of himself for others. God bless,

Dr Rickey Honea.

After using homemade easels for about 35 years, I finally was able to purchase a Flight Easel from Brother Ondra. What a blessing it has been. I can now set up and take down my easel in less than a fourth of the time it used to take and doing it by myself is a snap. Thanks to Brother Dan’s expertise, I can continue to share the gospel more efficiently with much more ease.
God bless you, Brother Dan. Let His Light Shine On,

James T. Lochridge, Jr.
Pastor, 2nd Baptist Church,
120 Linwood Road
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

I have known Dan Ondra for several decades, and found him to be a gracious Christian. He is a great innovator in the field of chalk-art; a good artist; and has done much to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his ministry. Some of his presentations were very complicated and involved and were very entertaining and effective. He is a very gifted and sincere servant of Jesus Christ.

Ding Teuling

I met Dan Ondra in 1994 at the National Chalk-Art Conference in Muskegon, Michigan, where he offered several classes and ministered in general sessions that inspired me with his energetic style. His multi-media enhancements caught my attention, and his drawing style encouraged me to take his classes in which I thought I would simply be ignored as out of my league. But, once in his classes, Dan’s patience and personal attention with me and others overwhelmed and gave me confidence that I could learn some of his techniques. He taught me a great deal about saturation techniques in drawing skies which I was able to utilize much in the ministry. Dan’s sweet spirit matched so many of the master chalk-artist that I met that year and over the fifteen years since. I also distributed copies of his CHALK ART NEWS in the several beginner chalk-art ministry classes that I have taught over the past 15 years to help my students with resources for their ministries. And, when Dan honored my dear friend, print-shop boss, and fellow chalk-art minister, Terry Martin, in 1995-6 with the on-line chalk-art hall of fame designation, I was privileged to help Terry see that on the computer at that time. Thank the Lord for Dan Ondra who has taken the time to encourage many other Gospel Chalk Artists to keep on drawing for the Lord!
Joyfully Yours in Christ

Dwight Haynes, Th.B.
Gospel Chalk-Artist
Pulaski, Virginia

Reviving the HeArt of Christian Chalk Artist
Countless Art books have already been written and published obviously, most of these books are anthrocentric and very few writers however are Theocentric or spiritual oriented. Dan Ondra put the spotlight on Chalk art as the special material that would be most beneficial to the Christian artist because it speaks not only to the hearts of people but to also speak to the soul. Dan Ondra also help the Christian artist improved and develop their God given gifts and his articles radiates the life of the Christian artist everywhere. “The Chalk Art News” becomes the effective tools in bringing out encouragement in the lives of every Christian artist. I believed that Dan’s expertise resulted to positive change to the Christian artist and towards the people who hear the Gospel through Chalk Talk.
Let us rejoice that there are people who faithfully served the Lord through sharing their expertise and resources to others. Dan has played a vital role in my lives as a lone Ranger Chalk Artist here in the Philippines. Dan Ondra’s material I believed energizes and enhances my Chalk Art ability and finally become effective in this special ministry.
To conclude I would say that Dan Ondra’s Chalk Art News, Chalk Training, and Web Hosting had actually revive the Chalk Artist around the world.
To God Be the Glory!

Ophir Odal

The 1995 Chalkart Training in Muskegon, MI was a time of a refreshing new experience. Ding Teuling was training students two weeks at a time then. I attended the 1996 class. I believe this was the year Dan Ondra came and helped Ding. His techniques and technical way, the vivid ways of beautiful imagery with the facts of the Titanic was really an eye opener of all the different ways to present the Gospel and impact the audience. He showed us his travel Chalkboard. I ordered one still use it today.. Thank you Dan for your influence in my ministry and your generosity in sharing your expertise along the road
Chalk-by-Faith Ministires Thanks you…

Don Herron

Dan Ondra has been an essential part of my minitry in chalk-art. Not only did I purchase the wonderful and sturdy travel easel (10 years ago) that he created but he also has done a marvelous job designing my website.

He has multiple online help for the chalk-artist as well as being generous with his time for anyone needed advice. I really do not know where my ministry would be without his expertise. I have been blessed with wonderful invitations due to his consulting and direction.

Dan you’re THE chalk-art man!
Gloria Kohlmann