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Ding Teuling

The ‘Dean of Chalk’ Art Passes Away

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Our wonderful friend, Ding Teuling, the master of the invisible chalk picture, has gone home! I share your feelings of grief at our loss; but joy for his gain as our kind mentor, laid down his chalk yesterday.

He picked up his first stick of chalk and began his drawing over 70 years ago! We not only marveled at his brilliant mastery of each detail, but we also were touched that he was willing to share his techniques from an open heart with all who would love to learn.

But just like his hidden pictures that were so skillfully camouflaged so they could only be revealed when Ding turned on his black-light, we only witnessed a very small part of his genius… Because it was not until Saturday, September 3 at 7:25 PM, at 98 years of age, that God flipped on His black-light! What a miraculous, astonishing and amazing hidden picture must have been crafted. It all remains to be seen, when the angels gather his chalks and papers to form the beautiful mosaic that was the life and artwork of Ding Teuling.

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Chalk Art Presentation

The Big Picture

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Whatever your preferred art media, Cross Training can add new diversity to your style. This site features the benefits of fine art chalk for artists, specifically from those who perform live on an upright easel.

Ben_Sam_Glenn_75KThis genre includes a variety of presentation styles that communicate to large groups or organizations. This type of live art program has been successfully featured for business meetings, franchise product line promotions, conference keynotes, historical features, mixed media events, open air campaigns, religious art, lecture illustration, chalk talk and musical concerts.

Chalk art training materials directory:

Learn live chalk art for keynotes and chalk talks with techniques for invisible black light chalk. Tour online galleries, books, videos and explore presentation easels for large crowds.