Here’s an example of special effects controlled by your computer’s keyboard. If you have the Adobe Flash plug-in installed in your browser, click in the black box below, then press designated letters on your keyboard to see various effects.  Animation like this can be projected by a video projector over your completed chalk drawing for a dramatic climax.

Click inside the black box, then press letter keys on your computer keyboard, then and watch the results. Click ‘z’ to stop each animation.

Here are a few ways to combine effects for review:

Click ‘u’ and ‘b’. Watch then click ‘y’.
Click ‘f’ (fireworks) add ‘t’
Click ‘s’ and ‘e’
Click ‘i’ and ‘w’
Click ‘s’ and ‘w’
Click ‘u’ and ‘w’
Click ‘l’ and ‘x’
Click ‘q’ and ‘b’

Key: Here is the list of effects:


f = fireworks
c = slow changing colors
s = bright moving sky
m = matrix
i = digital wave and moving clouds
u = sunset

Transparent effects (level 2)

l = single lightning bolt (hit z to stop)
q = snow
t = entering star field
x = explosion
r = rain and lightning
y = rain on water
k = stars (twinkling)
p = star field moving left
o = spiral effect


e = eagle
w = man walking
b = lighthouse
j = jet

This type of animation, gives push button control over effects using a laptop or pad device and a video projector. Projections like this can programmed for colors, animated letters, sunsets, waterfalls etc…

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