In the world of sports, cross training prevents overuse injuries, balances muscle development, boosts morale, adds extraordinary skills, and improves the quality of work and life. The same may be said of cross-training in the arts.

Many artists report value from their studies in related art media. Some chalk art techniques are identical to those used in other visual arts. Some methods are different, and must be translated into chalk to be useful. The study of other arts is a common practice of experienced artists. In fact, most artists mix media without even thinking about it. For example: using a charcoal or pencil sketch on the paper or canvas before applying chalk.

The videos below may help chalk artist overcome certain challenges as well as add new techniques. Note that live art presentations, encompass not only visible and invisible UV drawing, but some presentations include narration, live music, orchestra, drama, choreography, sculpture and theatrical special effects into the work.

Live Art Painting

12 years ago, I did a live chalk art presentation with Charles Billingsley, live orchestra and choir. I suggested he incorporate a live art presentation with his concerts. I am thrilled to see  that he did. -Dan Ondra

Invisible Black Light Painting

Portrait Drawing

3D Drawing


Artist Daily‘s free eBook can help chalk artists blur the edges between media to create fascinating work. See: